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Accommodation in Turkey

Getting a residence permit in Turkey
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Obtaining a residence permit

Short stay

1- Short Term Tourist Accommodation
2- Short stays in relation to home purchase
3- Short term family or excellent stay
4- Short stay according to company registration
5. Short-term residence for follow-up at the judicial authorities
6 - Student Residence

Tourist stay

According to the law, Iranians are allowed to reside in Turkey for ninety days in six months, and after 90 days, leave the country again and leave again for 90 days in Turkey. But from 2016 a new law has been passed that those Which plans to stay in Turkey for one year, receive one year's travel insurance and rent a one-year apartment and pay a tax through the Rando website, and, with the attendance at a specified date and time, the Security Officer will, if they see fit, receive and receive other evidence of taste They can stay for one year or six months.

Student Residence

Those who wish to continue studying in Turkey are enrolled in one of the universities in Turkey and receive a student card and get a Randvo request for a student loan.
It should be noted that those who want to study at state universities must take part in the YÖS or SAT examinations and, in the case of enrollment, take examinations, but not for private universities, depending on the university or Yosh test, or Even with the lowest score, they can enroll in any university. For medical disciplines, a pre-university degree is compulsory.

Stay with property purchase

Those who have purchased at any cost an apartment can get insurance, tax and home theater, and the durability and other necessary documents requested by the accommodation agent in terms of property purchase.
In this type of residence, if the person stays in this home for eight years and pay taxes on time and reside themselves, and the purpose of buying property is to trade and rent, and not more than 35 days each year from Turkey After eight years, they can apply for a long-term resident stay, which is described in the following.

Family or income

This type of residence is for those with a family member or a Turkish national who has the permission to work, which can be verified by confirming the first residence of the person and confirming the connection, that is, the translation of the agreement and the translation of the children's identity card and the acquisition of the background and other documents If you have a work permit, the duration of your stay is exactly the same as the first person's stay, and if you are married, you will be given one year.
In this type of residence, if the spouse is leaving home, they can apply for a home after three years, which also has the right to vote.

According to company registration

Those who register in Turkey and the company can apply for a one-year insurance and company documents. They should not be allowed to work with this type of residence.

Work or Chalysma Isin

Receiving this type of residence is in two ways: one by registering the company by himself and through his company for a self-employed work permit requesting that they must either have short-term tourist accommodation or that they should send a request through the Turkish Consulate and the person therefrom Enter Turkey to get a visa.
The second way is to apply for a job in a Turkish company that qualifies for a job, and the person working there.

Long stay

Long-staying is for people who have had a tourist stay or residence for a period of eight years or other legal reasons, and who have not left Turkey for more than 35 days each year, have no judicial record. It looks like a national card, but it does not have the right to vote in a different color, and the Turkish passport does not include them. If, for any reason, they leave Turkey for more than six consecutive months, their long-term residence will be canceled and must be re-short-lived Take action.

Vatan Dash and Turkish passport

1- Residence by marriage with a quit person after three years and having the necessary requirements can apply. If you accept, the person will be completely deprived.
2. Getting a work permit for 5 years and paying insurance and other conditions that are changing may ask for a home.
3. If the official determines that he / she can give his / her homeland according to the law.
4 - Buy property worth 250 thousand dollars
According to this new law, a person purchases property and taxes and records a price of 250 thousand dollars in Tapo, and applies to the Immigration Office and filing a lawsuit after three years if the property is not sold and resides and does not expire for more than 35 days. And ... you can apply for a home after three years.
5- Investment in Turkey for $ 1 million
6 - Investment in the stock exchange for millions of dollars
7. Creation of employment for 100 Turks