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The concept of a different life in a short distance from Iran

Altogether, life in Turkey, unlike some of the ideas and beliefs that are viewed and judged more than a tourist's perspective, is a very different experience, and life is even better than the author's point of view compared to the neighbors of Iran. But this experience is a real, more beautiful color that you decide to live in in some cities in Turkey, some of which are the main tourist destinations in Turkey. These cities are very important for the Turkish authorities and mayors in terms of beauty and security.
Omid kashani
Omid kashani
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Why Alanya

Alanya is a quiet and luxurious city, as well as a modern city in one of the best places in Turkey, weather and location, is one of the most suitable cities in Turkey for living and spending time.

Unique tourist attraction

Turkey has always been beautiful and cheap in terms of travel and living expenses in neighboring countries as well as in Europe and the United States.

Unique weather

Turkey is a country with a special and diverse climate due to its size and proximity to the Mediterranean, and on the other hand to the Black Sea.

Local choice for living

You are advised to never give advice without consulting even for a short time from places you do not know enough about.

Special architecture due to humidity and climatic conditions

Unfortunately, sometimes even luxury apartments and apartments do not have the right conditions for living, so check your property in any way.

Amazing experience

Do not compare any time your travel experience with choosing a place to live.

Real Estate Consultant

Experience has shown that trusting Iranian real estate consultants is usually more secure.

News and events in Turkey

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Tax Increase on Imported Mobile phones in Turkey – As of now

There is to be a large tax increase on imported mobile telephones.  An increase from 140tl in 2017, to 170tl in 2018.  It is set to rise to 500tl as of now..

According to ICTA data, the number of registered mobile phones was 723.532 in 2015 the number of registered devices increased by 6.97% in 2016 and 773.940 mobile phones were registered.
The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity device number must be registered when bringing an imported phone into Turkey. It is a 15 digit serial number that is loaded to the mobile phone during production.  It’s considered the mobile phone’s identity number.
Registration for a mobile phone imported from abroad must be made within 120 days following the date of entry.  Failing to do so will result in the device being blocked by ICTA and the IMEI number being restricted.

Increases since 2015
2015 Yılı     131.50 TL
2016 Yılı     138.80 TL
2017 Yılı     149.20 TL
2018 Yılı     170.70 TL

It is reported that approximately 800 imported phones were brought into Turkey this year.  Next year it is predicted to be more, along the lines of 1 million.


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Turkey to discount residence electricity and gas prices by 10% in 2019: Erdogan

Speaking to members of his AK Party in Ankara, Erdogan also said electricity prices will be reduced by 10 percent for residences as well